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A Global Doula Diary

Mother’s Shea Body Care

Birth Workers

Mother's Shea, a mother/daughter-run social enterprise, with roots in midwifery, is building a support network of doulas, midwives, prenatal/postpartum yoga teachers, birth photographers, and moms around the U.S. We’ve found that the biggest fans of our products - moisturizers with at least 98% plant-based, clean, vegan, and cruelty free ingredients - are the incredible caregivers, like yourself, who offer support to the growing families around them.

As a fellow birth keeper, I am dedicated to creating and holding space for women to trust in the power of their bodies while connecting with others to feel seen, heard, safe and respected. To that end, I'm running lead on this initiative to sponsor programs for Birth Workers to host for their clients in select communities around the U.S.

We'd love your help curating these spaces.